Our Services

Middleton & Associates provides a full range of taxation, accounting, and consultation services. We provide the following services:

Tax services for individuals

Most Canadian-resident individuals are required to file an annual tax return reporting their world income. We prepare personal tax returns for a wide range of individuals, including small businesses, partnerships, rental properties and investment income.

We also deal with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on behalf of our clients. This includes handling issues such as responding to CRA requests for information, to assisting with formal appeals and filing voluntary disclosure submissions where appropriate.

Tax services for corporations

Canadian-resident corporations need to file an annual tax return. The actual tax balance is generally due three months after the corporation's year-end; two months after for larger corporations.

Our standard year-end accounting service for corporate clients includes the preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns. We also assist with the preparation and filing of tax elections when required.

    For clients with more involved situations, we assist in a number of other tax services including:

  • planning tax-deferred transfers of assets (including section 85 rollover transfers and butterfly transactions)
  • structuring corporations and corporate groups to ensure maximum tax-efficiency.

Tax services for trusts

Canadian-resident trusts (including estates) are generally required to file an annual tax return, due 90 days after the end of the trust's year. We prepare and file trust returns and corresponding information slips for clients as needed.

Accounting and auditing services

Middleton & Associates has been preparing financial statements for clients since 1989. We understand the importance of having clear, concise financial statements in a timely manner to assist in effective business decisions and planning.

The initial stages of recording transactions throughout the year is key to having useful information in a timely manner. When required, we provide assistance in the initial setup of accounting systems for clients, training in the use of various accounting packages, as well as bookkeeping services (both in house and on-site). We find this approach allows us to develop an in depth understanding of our client's business which allows us to provide insightful advice and complements our tax and accounting services.

    Our typical accounting and auditing services include:

  • Audit and financial reporting
  • Financial statement reviews
  • Compilation (Notice to Reader) engagements
  • Monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services
  • Preparation of HST returns
  • Preparation of information slips (T3's, T4's, T5's, etc.)

Consulting services

    We take pride in being able to assist our clients in all stages of their business. In order to meet the wide range of needs of clients, we are pleased to be able to offer consulting services, including:

  • Assisting with the purchase or sale of a business
  • Advising start-ups and new businesses
  • Cash flow and financial projections
  • Family business succession planning